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Check out the Hands on Children's Museum!

Everyone here at Morgan Hill is all about staying active, and learning from the world around us. Me personally? I like to hike, play the blues, work on old cars, and pour over my collection of ancient records that only I care about. I thought about it, and I realized that most of the things I love today stem from when I was a kid. My family used to get together and listen to new music on the radio, and afterwards we'd have discussions about what we heard. To this day, I think of those conversations when I'm out collecting music or listening to a new artist. So many things from my childhood affect who I am today, so our firm got together and decided to invest in the children of our community, and give them a chance to experience new and challenging opportunities that will stay with them for forever. 

We've found that the best way to make sure the children in our community are getting quality hands on experiences is to donate to the Hands on Children's Museum. It's the premiere provider of hands-on science and art education for young children, and it's South Sound’s place to be for fun and learning for children, their parents, and teachers. The museum is dedicated to programs that stimulate curiosity, creativity, and learning through interactive exhibits. This is why the institution has so many great programs for children, families, and school groups. It also offers volunteer programs for middle and high school students.

It was also voted "The Best Fun Place for Kids" for over ten years, and provides hands-on exhibits in eight galleries for children up to 10 years old, and features a variety of exhibit topics including early learning, construction and design, healthy lifestyles, the environment and art. I take my granddaughter to the museum at least once a month, and we always have a blast. It's fascinating to watch her excitedly learn new things; that's worth a lot to me all on its own. 
Please join Morgan Hill in supporting the Hands On Children’s Museum!  Click here to donate, or go to www.hocm.org to check out more info!