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Filing Bankruptcy After a Personal Injury

Multiple studies over the last ten years have shown that medical debt is the leading reason that individuals file for bankruptcy.  If someone is injured in a car accident, he or she may have to take time off work, and if that person had been barely scraping by, a week or two of lost wages can

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Using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Avoid Foreclosure

There are situations when filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help a homeowner save their house from foreclosure. When a debtor files the petition for bankruptcy relief, the automatic stay kicks in, preventing creditors from collecting any debts from the debtor. (Please see our section on the Automatic Stay for more information). During the lifetime of the bankruptcy, the Automatic Stay will prevent the bank from initiating or proceeding with a foreclosure. This gives the debtor an opportunity to pay back the money owed against the mortgage.

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