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Criminal Law

On Your Side.

They have a job to do, and once they have you in their sights, their job is to convict you. Get a good lawyer on your side, and you make their job harder.

At any stage of criminal proceedings, there are big questions, often with enormous and long-term consequences. You have significant important rights when you are arrested or charged with a crime. In fact, your rights in these situations are so fundamental and critical that the inventors of freedom wrote them into the Constitution, and it is constitutionally required that you be advised of these rights under some circumstances. You've heard them so many times on television cop shows, you can probably recite them from memory - don't forget them when you need them! And don't waive them without speaking to an attorney first. If you have been arrested or are under suspicion, it is rarely in your interests to speak with law enforcement. Frequently, the best evidence that the police and prosecutors have to work with is evidence that comes from the accused's own mouth, which the accused has a constitutional right to keep shut.

If a charge is filed against you, you may be facing jail or prison time, monetary fines and restitution, professional and family consequences, and loss of some of your rights as a citizen, and even deportation proceedings if you are not a citizen. There may be witnesses to interview and investigation to be conducted. There may be questions about whether evidence against you was obtained in a constitutional manner. There may be a decision to make about whether to take your case to trial or accept a plea bargain from the government.

With all of these complex and consequential issues facing you, and the forces and resources of the government aligned against you, the lawyers you choose to represent you should be smart, experienced and ready to stand up for your rights. At Morgan Hill, we provide experienced representation in all areas of criminal law, from misdemeanor offenses such as domestic violence assault, and driving with a suspended license to aggravated felony offenses such as controlled substance, sex abuse, and serious violent offenses. We have successfully represented hundreds of criminal clients in the South Puget Sound. We also handle juvenile delinquency and post-conviction matters such as vacating convictions, restoring firearm rights, and petitions to end sex offender registration.

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